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First Weekend WCC Results

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First Weekend WCC Results Empty First Weekend WCC Results

Post by Guest Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:22 pm

Last Friday, SMC beat USF, and USD beat Santa Clara.
On Saturday, in addition to our result, Pepperdine (4-12 per-conference) beat LMU (9-7 pre-conference).
On Sunday, SMC beat Santa Clara, and USF beat USD!

So, SMC is off to a 2-0 start, while Santa Clara is 0-2. LMU lost one I'm sure they'd figured as a win, but it was a road loss. And USD was stung to lose decisively (16 points) at USF, a road loss they didn't expect.

This reinforces a couple things we have mentioned on other posts. To get a top two finish we can not afford bad road losses. And the next game is the most important game. Beating USD may throw them into a state of mind they can't recover from. They need a home win badly to get back on their feet. Pilots need to come in and play as intensely as they did against GU, and take it away!

SMC is out of the box with two road wins. If they can beat GU on Thursday, they'll be sitting in the pole position for this race. Uh, go Zags? Suspect

BTW, the UP-USD game is broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet Thursday at 7:30 PM, after the Duck game. And it looks like the UP-SMC game is delayed broadcast Saturday at 11:30 PM, after a hockey game rebroadcast, eh. Couch Potato


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