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College Football Championship

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College Football Championship Empty College Football Championship

Post by up7587 Tue Jan 02, 2024 10:59 am

Two undefeated teams made it to the championship game. In the first game featuring SEC VS B10, Michigan beat Alabama in overtime to advance. For a while, it looked like Alabama would play their SEC card ("it just means more"), and win the game. Michigan kept giving them a short field; their TD drives were 44 and 55 yards, and when they stalled their kicker made 50+ yards FGs. But after giving up three straight scores and losing the lead, Michigan completed a 75 yard drive with a TD with 1-1/2 minutes to go to tie the game. In OT, Bama won the coin flip and choose defense first. Michigan scored in two plays. Alabama was at the 3 yard line after 5 plays, on 4th and goal. A low snap forced the Alabama QB to run into the line, and his blockers did not open a hole. That ended the game.

The other semifinal game featured Future SEC vs Future B10, with Washington beating Texas. Washington kept scoring TDs in the first half, and Texas kept matching them to tie the game. Washington scored three times in the 3rd quarter and start of the 4th to take a 13 point lead and looked to be cruising. Then, they tried to "Coug it" ala their little brother, and let Texas back into the game. With a minute to go, Texas kicked a FG to pull within 6 points. Washington recovered the onside kick, and proceeded to go nowhere on 3 plays, commit a false start penalty on 4th and 5, and punt it back, only to interfere with the kick reception and give Texas 15 yards. With 45 seconds left, Texas moved down the field to the 12 yard line. But in the final 15 seconds, Texas completed a pass for a 1 yard loss (very strange play) then threw 3 incomplete passes to end the game. Washington hung on and all over Seattle people returned the AEDs to their cabinets.

So we have a B10 vs Future B10 final, and the Southern states will start watching basketball now.

In non-championship bowl games, Oregon slept through the 1st quarter of their game with Liberty (Jerry Falwell's school) and trailed 6-3. They then proceed to blitz them for 4 TDs in the 2nd quarter, and cruised through the 2nd half to win 45-6.
Oregon State missed the bus and Notre Dame won 40-8 against some neighborhood kids. In other bowl games, oh heck, I didn't watch any of them, so who cares.


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College Football Championship Empty Re: College Football Championship

Post by Geezaldinho Tue Jan 02, 2024 11:35 am

It would be ironic if the PAC12, a conference that couldn’t figure out how to stay together ended its existence with a National Championship.
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