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One-time transfer waivers

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default One-time transfer waivers

Post by Dean Murdoch Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:44 pm


I think a one-time transfer exemption is absolutely the right thing to do. There's already 700 transfers per year with wild inconsistencies regarding who's eligible immediately and who's got to sit out a year. Clean it all up and give players the option.

As for impact to a run-of-the-mill WCC team, obviously it's going to make it harder to keep guys who quickly outperform the level they were recruited at. You can imagine the high-major lineup to get Colbey Ross if he had gone into the transfer portal after his first season at Pepperdine. But while theoretically making it more difficult to keep guys that develop into high-major talent, does this also increase the chances of getting serviceable players from those same high major schools? Perfect example would be Voldy Gerun, who was nothing more than a spare part at West Virginia but developed into a good player at UP after being granted immediate eligibility.
Dean Murdoch
Dean Murdoch

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default Re: One-time transfer waivers

Post by DoubleDipper Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:12 am

This from the NCAA yesterday:
Transfer recommendations, intended to stabilize the transfer environment, would require additional accountability for schools that receive transfer student-athletes and provide student-athletes with a window of time to enter the Transfer Portal each year in order to be eligible to compete in the following year. Some of the changes to the infractions process would include incentivizing cooperation of all parties, additional investigative tools and more flexibility within confidentiality rules.
Yes, it is mostly gibberish and platitudes at this point, but the rest of the article was even worse:


Whatever the outcome of the "transformation committee," IMO, there definitely needs to be more structure than there currently is. Currently, student-athletes are able to enter and exit the portal at any time with the only rule being the May 1 entry deadline for eligibility to immediately compete in fall and winter sports without a (generally given) waiver.
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