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Portside With the Pilots

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Portside With the Pilots Empty Portside With the Pilots

Post by DoubleDipper Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:27 am

DoubleDipper wrote:
SouthCarolinaPilot wrote:
PilotNut wrote:Since this show is not running in the current year, I am unpinning this thread.
Any reason why? I used to look forward to those!
The reasons for the show's hiatus are many and varied, but the plan is to bring Portside with the Pilots back in the spring, 2019.

With the huge push toward digital video vs linear, UP is evaluating the idea of having it online only (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) The advantage is they are not tied to a 22-minute show every month, the TV standard for a 30-minute show, but instead it can be built based on the content they have.  Some episodes might be 10 minutes some could be 30 minutes or longer.

I think we all look forward to Portside's return...
Maybe it's time to pin this again....the question is, where?

As expected, Portside has returned in monthly segments.  This month's segment is about TEAMWORK and BEER, something we can all get behind and enjoy!

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