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Returning Players

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Returning Players Empty Returning Players

Post by Guest Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:53 pm

So, between transfers and graduations, we have seven players returning, two redshirts and five returning players. So far. Question

I thought I'd share some thoughts about the five returning players, and give my ignorant opinion on where I think they could improve. Feel free to do the same and point out where I am wrong.

Rashad Jackson: he started the season with limited minutes, but by late January, he got significant time in all the games. He averaged over 9 ppg over the last 14 games. Other than the horrific @LMU and one other game, he had few turnovers. FT% was pretty good, but FG% was only 34%, with 31% from 3Pt range. I'd like to see a big improvement in the shooting percentages. At 6'3", he needs to be a better outside shot to be a solid contributor.

D'Marques Tyson: prototypical streak shooter. 73% of his shots were from 3Pt range, which was good, since he shot 41% on them and only 37% on the rest. Excellent FT shooting at 87%, but only got to the line 24 times. Committed the second most personal fouls, irrespective of minutes played, behind only Philipp. It may not be the offensive strategy, but I would like to see him move more to find open spaces for shots. He often seemed to be stationary in a corner, watching the play. If the team is less PG dominated next year, there may be more opportunities for kick-outs to him from the big guys. Main thing I think he needs is major improvement on defense. Many of his fouls were because he was reaching or late on a cutter. His points are needed, but only if he doesn't give up just as many on defense.

Philipp Hartwich: as a legit 7 footer, I have so many dreams of what could be possible with Philipp. He shot 51%, but he only took 39 shots. How many times did he get a rebound, and not even look to score, instead throwing it back out to the guards? He had the most fouls on the team, at 82. He committed fouls at a rate of 6.3 minutes per foul. Not horrible, since he could play 30 minutes before fouling out, but I think half of his fouls were when he was setting a high screen. He and the guards need to figure out how to run that play without him fouling. His FT% was only 42%. A big who can make FTs is a huge asset, and he needs to get better there, even if DD has to teach him the Rick Barry method.

Gabe Taylor: we speculated in the stands that Gabe ran low on fuel later in the year, as he played so many minutes (33.5/g for the season). But he had some great games. He shot 48% from 2Pt, 34% from 3Pt, and 74% on FTs. As a big, I'd like to see him get better at finishing at the rim. I think he could have a lot more old fashioned 3 point plays with better finishes. He averaged just under 12 ppg, but he had six conference games where he scored 6 or fewer points. A higher shooting percentage in close and more scoring consistency, and he will have a nice senior year.

Joseph Smoyer: the only returning player who will not be an upperclassman next year. Only played 12 minutes per game. Good shooting percentage at almost 59%. Plays with great hustle. Took 29 shots in his limited minutes; I like his aggressiveness. Only shot 51% on FTs; needs to improve there same as Philipp. Needs to put on some bulk and get stronger. Looking for good things from his future.


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Returning Players Empty Re: Returning Players

Post by wrv Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:06 pm

I appreciate the post. I would add that Hartwich has improved each year and is a presence on defense, altering many shots that may not have been blocked. I hope he gains some confidence to shoot the ball from more than dunk territory by the fall.


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