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So....the Portland Beavers?

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So....the Portland Beavers? Empty So....the Portland Beavers?

Post by PurplePrideTrumpet Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:36 pm

There's no shortage of buyers:


Even though realistically I knew this was coming I'm still a little sad.

This also illustrates a contrast between the fans of two teams. One group saw the opportunity of a lifetime, banded together, and worked tirelessly to achieve their goal. Opponents sought to shoot down their plans but the group persevered. Eventually they turned the tide and were rewarded for their efforts. They saw what they wanted and were serious about obtaining it.

The other team's fans saw what was happening but thought, "Ah, they'll never get it done, it won't happen here, nothing to worry about." But that other group did succeed. At this point the fans still had time to help their team find a new place to play, but did not. There were some options thrown out there, but there was opposition to each one. So, each time the fans gave up and waited for another chance. Because they did not take things seriously they ran out of chances and lost their team.

Remember this: when we come together, you cannot stop us. We are the Rose City. Very Happy

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