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Attendance for games; is this a concern?

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default Attendance for games; is this a concern?

Post by Urika Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:48 pm

Watching the game on Comcast sports, the Chiles looked empty. Checking the box score, ESPN listed 1667 or 34.4% capacity.

When we came down for the SMC tilt, Gael fans in the upper bowl looked to be equal with the student section; 2774 or 57.2%.

Personally, I love your gym. Comfy, great sight lines, it is as great as USD's JCP or GU's McCarthey....it makes McKeon appear to be what it is, "a two car garage"

It appears that GU has been the lone sell out of the season.....what gives?

Quietly I am concerned for overall attendance of WCC basketball. Take out GU, I would guess that the rest of the WCC gyms are 50% occupied. Last night at SMC with our second to last game, McKeon was only 77.7% full....


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default Re: Attendance for games; is this a concern?

Post by DaTruRochin Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:59 pm

To answer simply "yes" it is very much a concern... And as far as fixing the problem? that's a much more complicated answer....

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default Re: Attendance for games; is this a concern?

Post by PilotNut Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:29 pm

Agreed that Chiles is a great basketball venue.

Agreed on the concern. If there was an easy answer... No

My thoughts, in short: (1) Lack of tradition. We were a bad program for a very long time, and therefore many alumni and fans are not used to coming to basketball games, nor were we on the "consciousness" of the casual fan. Marketing can only get you so far... just win baby! (2) Lack of "big" home wins. We haven't beat GU at Chiles since the early 90's, and it seems like every time we start to build up the attention and attendance (and a ranking this year), we lose (GU last year, GU, PSU & @Idaho this year)...

As for the students, I really dont know what is going on, but something clearly is... (There are usually more in attendant than it would initially appear, though, as other than the first couple rows, they often sit down... blasphemy, in my book...). But something is going on/broken/not working with the student support this year--so hot & cold. Great turnout for UO, GU, PSU games, not too bad on most other weekend games, and downright dismal on weeknights...

If it was an easy fix, it would have been done by now...

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