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Westphal to coach the Kings...

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Westphal to coach the Kings... Empty Westphal to coach the Kings...

Post by DaTruRochin Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:49 pm

Hmmmmm he somehow managed to not win in Phoenix with Charles Barkley, Thunder Dan, Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson, effectively drive my former love, the Supersonics, into the downward spiral that would resulit in their exodus into that god forsaken state that looks like a frying pan, and then he took the strong Pepperdine program and left it in absolute shambles, from which it still hasn't recovered...

Apparently that qualifies him to leave the sorry excuse for a team in Sacramento?? Shudder....

BTW the location of Arco Arena, where the Kings play, is really bizzare.... It is literally in the middle of nowhere, WAY outside downtown Sacramento... You are driving and there it is emerging half a mile off the freeway, and nowhere near downtown, I just don't understand how that can make for a good experience, but then again the NBA wanted the Sonics in Renton, go figure... Haha both Stoney and I were flabbergasted by its locale when we road tripped to the Pacific game in March...

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