Soccer Buzz breakdown

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Soccer Buzz breakdown

Post by Geezaldinho on Sun Aug 19, 2007 12:10 am

Soccer buzz has its' explanations for how it made this years preseason rankings at:

I think they got maybe the first 5 right (except UP should be first, of course). and the writeup on UP is pretty good.

After that, things get abit squirrely. These guys are crazy to have Santa Clara at 15. Even with thir injuries, they will still be a formidable team. They lost some, but they get some redshirts back this year. I just don't see the justification for placing unproven teams ahead (read Fla and Virginia, Penn St has a new coach and lost stars).

And what's with the Purple Raider tag? Do they know something that the athletic dep't hasn't told us? Or are they just getting creative?
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