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Canzano/Oregonian Empty Canzano/Oregonian

Post by PilotNut Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:20 am

While I think that John Canzano is way off base with his "Mark Few to Oregon" tirade, he does have a good article in today's Oregonian that certainly raises an eyebrow, and I think he is right on with the criticism of college coaching "Head Hunting" firms.

Article Link

I think the De Carolis could have come to this board, too, to get the same list of coaching candidates. And we would have charged much less--I would have done it for a pitcher of beer and a T-burger! His comment that a part of an AD's job is to search out & hire coaches is spot on.

I dont recall that Larry Williams used any search firm in the hiring of Coach Reveno, thankfully.... but the hiring process was kept under very tight wraps, so who really knows...

Suspect UO using the tax payers to back the bonds for a destined-to-lose-money arena, OSU using the same to "Raise Reser", OSU spending public funds to get a 3-man list of candidates that anyone could have come up with... Suspect

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