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San Diego - Saturday 1/28 - 7pm - ROOT TV

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Post by bobtcat2 on Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:28 am

wrv wrote:If coach Porter is intentionally losing games and if his staff are uncommitted, they should all be summarily fired. We should bring in an interim replacement to finish the year.

I do not think Terry Porter has intentionally thrown a basketball game in his life, with the possible exception of a few to his kids on the home court when they were much younger. Terry Porter played 17 years in the NBA. I am confident that he is very competitive, even now.
This is not to say that coach Porter does not make mistakes . . .

Been a big Porter fan for years and agree 100%. This team just doesn't have the horses right now, even before Wintering they really didn't.
Help is on the way next season and recruiting should be a strong point of the Porter regime. Who wouldn't want to play for a standout NBA guard?

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