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Post by SciFi on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:59 pm

Hi folks! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted on this board. It's really good to see this board is still running strong! Over the past year I have been extremely busy as the Marketing Agent for my father's new book, titled "The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al." My father, Ray Tercek is a retired Portland Police Sergeant and a UP alum. "The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al" is the first in a two-book series. The second will likely be released some time in November.

The books are a case study of a 1980s drug investigation, which was big news back then. The case was one of President Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Task Force cases, one of the first, such, in the nation. In his book, my father gives an account of the criminal enterprise of Pepe Chavez and his conspiracy of cocaine smuggling. But, more than that, he writes of the development of the investigation, including all of the back office bureaucratic wrangling within the Portland, Multnomah County, state and federal agencies involved in the case.

If you are interested you can find more information at You can order a signed copy from there or you can order the kindle version from HERE. Don't forget to "like" our facebook page! You can also find information over at Good Reads.


Ryan Tercek
Marketing Agent
Ray Tercek Books

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