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Kasey Keller on Clive

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Kasey Keller on Clive Empty Kasey Keller on Clive

Post by VillaGorilla Wed May 11, 2011 6:41 am

The blog for some MLS team has a nice interview with Keller before a big match on Saturday night. He has some great insight on the Cascadia rivalry in addition to some comments on his time at UP and the effect of Clive on his professional and personal life. A good read.


(On Clive Charles' impact on you...) "I've been very fortunate though my life that I haven't lost a lot of people close to me. Clive is one of the people that I miss everyday. A huge, huge reason why I'm still playing today is because what I learned from Clive at my time at UP. For no other reason I love (to) play (in Portland) to see Clive's name up in the stadium. It's a huge honor for myself to have been a part of anything Clive was a part of."

(Everyone who speaks of him speaks so highly, what was it about him?) "Too many things to count. I think the combination of being a great person, a great coach, it didn't matter if you were the star player or a reserve player, he was just a great person, a great mentor. Take training for example. We were getting ready to play UCLA and I don't know why, but I was losing my mind on something and I got kicked out of training about three or four days before our first NCAA playoff game. It didn't matter that I was an All-American, or whatever I was. So I was gone, we had a talk and I had to clean things up. That was why when I got to Europe I was ready to go. If I had done certain things and not listened to Clive, like I said, I wouldn't be the pro or person that I've been. I owe him a tremendous amount."
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Kasey Keller on Clive Empty Re: Kasey Keller on Clive

Post by onetouchfutbol Fri May 13, 2011 10:37 am

It´s nice to hear Kasey continue to say things like this. I believe Keller grew up a lot as a player and a person since he was at UP.

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