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Post by Stonehouse Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:20 pm

I posted this on Oregonlive too, but I'm thinking that maybe we should just start posting everything here and hope that people trickle over.

OK... so, with Jones departing, that means that the Pilots have a scholarship open and ready to use, should they chose to.
Basically, I see four scenerios:

1) Use it now on an incoming freshman.
2) Use it now on an incoming JC player.
3) Ust it now on a transfer.
4) Sit on it and use it next year.

Scenerio 1: Probably unlikely, because all of the players that schools would be interested have probably already been taken. I suppose someone could be out there, but that would mean they were "damaged goods" either academically or in make-up. Either way, it would really surprise me if anyone out there right now would be on the coach's wish list.

Scenerio 2: JC Players are actually in a similar boat to the incoming freshman. They have been pretty well picked over by now and the ones out there are probably a bit suspect. It would be nice to have someone that can come in and contribute right away, but at the same time, the chances of bringing in someone who could really contribute above what the freshman can is slim.

Scenerio 3: Maybe some potential here, but unless the guy would be a total stud, why would we want to bring in someone that would have less than four years of eligibilty and couldn't play until 2008-09 if we could get an incoming freshman for that year instead.

Scenerio 4: I'm thinking this might make the most sense. We only have one departing senior (Sherrard) next year and it might be nice, just for the sake of balance in the future, to have two members of the 2008 HS class instead of only one. That would make the most sense for building a stable program.

I know that might leave us a bit weak for next year, but I bet the coaches could get a solid walk-on to contribute, as Parker did last year. I realize not all walk-ons can do what Parker did, but still... all we need is for someone to provide some depth and give a few minutes anyway, right?

Furthermore, it would allow the coaches to really target someone that they want instead of frantically finding someone to plug in for next year. Given the shaky academic state of the last few Holton classes, I'd rather the coaches take their time and get a good git than just grabbing someone for the sake of grabbing them.

Ideally, the team would get a small forward and a point guard with those two scholarships, though I suppose a true center might not be bad either. Two things we don't need are a power forward or a shooting guard.

What do you all think? Would it be smart to sit or would you rather see them get someone to help out next year.

It's kind of an immedaite need vs. future question, and I get the sense that things are building for the future rather than the quick fix.

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default Sit on it....

Post by PilotNut Fri Jun 08, 2007 3:02 pm

Based upon the large proportion of underclassemen on next year's roster, I think we need to balance out the classes a bit, and recruit 2 guys next year.

We also get a better player that way, in the ways you described. If we went for a JC transfer at this point, we may get someone who is about as valuable as an empty spot on the roster. With the way Rev seems to be recruiting, I say wait until we can get a better player next season.

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