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Post by MesaPilot1 Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:49 am

I felt the Pilot's showed a great deal of maturity and growth by winning and not missing a beat with arguabley their best all-around, most competive player on the sideline this set of games. I know, I know the so called "expert's" will say well it was at home against the weakest teams in the league. But, dare I venture to say that either of these two teams will challenge most other teams in the league when their playing good ball. I for one am not counting them as "easy" games especially down in their arenas in LA and Malibu. Both teams have a couple super talented "individual" players.

Remembering back with this group, a loss like Nik would have been devastating and almost assuredly losses when he misses games. It's great to see the guys all step up as a team and take up some slack. One player that I think gets overlooked , and taken for granted is Ethan. I got nervous with his foul trouble and felt like with Nik out Jarred had his hands full attempting to guard their lights out shooter/creator KeionBelll. Ethan does much of the dirty work,and takes alot of the abuse that Kramer does to make Nik,Robin,TJ, Jarred look good in the stat sheet. I have a strong suspicion that is why both Ethan and Kramer start,I think Rev sees much of himself in both those guys. Rev played with some talented Pac-10 playerd at Stanford but he was always the "Glue" guy that held them all together. Not terrible talented,but willing to "D" up on anybody , and lay his body down for the team,with the last option to shoot.

It will be interesting to see next year who will be able to step into Nik/Ethans role at SG-SF and D up with their intensity. I'm not to concerned with the mix of Bigs we have coming back. Jared will be that much better. I hope we find somebody to bring the ball up the court...although Eric is still havin pain in his broken hand so that's understandebly NOW,but not Later. Hopefully with Rev bringing Nem along he can pick up his "D" a little because all reports on him are lights out shooting when he gets comfortable so Defenses next year cant key off of Stohl all year long.
Just some random musings, Mattywhizzz was that you out on the court during the Blazers/Pistons rumble yesterday in Auburn Hills. I thought I saw you trying to "Rabbit Punch" Ex-Bulldog Daye!!! Too bad he had you in the reach dept by about 18 inches, lol.

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