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Men's Hazing?

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Men's Hazing? Empty Men's Hazing?

Post by GUPhantom Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:50 pm

There's been mention on this site (a couple of times) about a hazing incident involving the men's team from a couple of years ago. This is the new news to me!
Can someone provide some background? Details?

What happened? And what were the consequences?
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Men's Hazing? Empty Re: Men's Hazing?

Post by Geezaldinho Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:46 pm

I'd like to forget it, but here are the basics. Maybe bringing it up once in a while will serve as a reminder.

The Men's team commited acts that are considered violations of state hazing law. I don't remember exactly what they were at this point, but these things include forced shaving of heads, pressure to drink alcohol or water to the point of discomfort, excercise in underwear or naked or other demeaning acts. not only did they do these things, but then had the bad judgement to photograph them, then lose the camera, pretty much forcing the hand of the AD and coaching staff. Had they not acted, there could have been repercussions from the State, and possibly the NCAA. It also opened the University up for liability, should any injury or damage happen to the freshmen.

I would remind you of the climate in Oregon and Nationwide at the time concerning Catholic institutions looking out for the interests of young people.

The result of this immaturity was the suspension of every upperclassman for two games, two players per game. It affected team cohesiveness, the team record, and ruined the season for the players and fans. The end result was a 6 win season, the worst in my memory, anyway. Teams just attacked the positions of the suspended players week after week. Almost like playing man down all year. Two of those six wins were during the only couple of weeks the players weren't suspended.

a very painfull season all around, and may have contributed to some players leaving. The team is still trying to rebound from it. The fans still aren't showing up for the men's games like they used to.

Hopefully, that nonsense is in the past. I am gratified that there are no freshmen with shaved heads on the field this year. Let's hope the players continue to focus on playing Pilot Soccer instead of pranks.
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