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NCAA Bracket

Post by UPSoccerFanatic on Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:18 am

Here are some RPI numbers counting all "Sweet 16" games except the Indiana/Duke game today. These are for the teams still in the bracket:

UCLA .7005
Pilots .6755
USC .6681
West Virginia .6659
Notre Dame .6608
Florida State .6607
Indiana .6206
Connecticut .6155
Duke .6012

It's important to remember that the RPI looks only at the entire season, so how a team is playing now vs. how it was playing at the beginning of the season doesn't show up. That said, notice anything? The top two RPI teams will play in the quarter-finals; and the top four RPI teams are in the same half of the bracket. If I were doing my own ranking, I might put Notre Dame and Florida State ahead of West Virginia. study

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