Predictions: Top 5 Scorers 09-10

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Predictions: Top 5 Scorers 09-10

Post by ShipstadPilot11 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:22 am

Who do you think will be our top 5 scorers (ppg) this year?

My thoughts:
1) Nik - I think this is a no-brainer, barring injury. Nik is our go-to guy.
2) TJ - This placement may be a bit hopeful. I'd like to see TJ take more shots. He can clearly hit the three and I don't think there is a downside to him taking more shots, as long as he does it in a smart way that doesn't make him a ball-hog. Also, I think TJ could have success by driving the ball and it would be nice to see him score in that way.
3) Robin - I hope to see us develop our inside game, and I think that Robin will get things done for us down low and up his scoring a bit.
4) Jared - I think that Jared will continue to get open and do what he does best: shoot the 3. I also hope to see him start to create his own shots as well.
5) Kramer - Kramer showed last year that he could hit the high-percentage shot. As he gets stronger and continues to develop his skills I hope to see him create and take more of these shots and become a scoring threat in the post.

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