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Strength of Schedule

Post by gnarly on Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:10 pm

All but 3 teams from last years ncaa tourney have their schedule posted now ( missing 3 are UCF, Rutgers, and W&M)

I've tried to rank them based on how many tourney teams they are playing and how far those teams went. Based on that it looks like Miami, UNC and UCLA have the toughest schedules in 2009.

Miami plays:

BC (3rd rd), Duke (4th rd = QF), FL (3rd rd), FSU (4th rd= QF), UNC (C), U of P (4th rd = QF), Vir (3rd rd), Vir Tech (1st rd), WF (2nd rd), UW (2nd rd), W Caro (1st rd) they also play recent tourney teams of Clemson, Maryland, Mich, Navy, Ole Miss.

UNC plays the same ACC teams, Plus Auburn (2nd rd), UCF (2nd rd), LSU (1st rd), Marquette (1st rd), ND (F), A&M (QF), UCLA (SF) plus recent tourney teams UNC-GR.

UCLA plays Cal (1st rd), FL (3rd rd), Ill (3rd rd), Missouri (2nd rd), UNC (C), SD (2nd rd), Stanford (SF), UC SB (1st rd), USC (3rd rd), UW (2nd rd), WSU (1st rd). plus other recent tourney teams of Utah, AZ, ASU, Gonzaga, and pep.

A couple of teams who don't have quite as strong of schedule this year as previous are PSU and Santa Clara. The ACC teams get rated very high just based on who they play in conference.

U of P suffers from our other conference teams not making it very far in the tourney and many of our NW teams don't even make the tourney. We have Cal (1st rd), Ill (3rd rd), Miami ( 1st rd), SD (2d rd), A&M (QF), UW (2nd rd), WSU (1st rd), Plus recent tourney teams Col col, SMU, Columbia, Gon, pep, LMU, and SC)

My top 10 in order are: UNC, Miami, UCLA, Clemson, Duke, Maryland, Vir Tech, WSU, FSU, with Az, Cal and BC tied for 10th.

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