This and That... A Sampling of UP Articles

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This and That... A Sampling of UP Articles

Post by Stonehouse on Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:20 am

Hooray for GoogleNews!

Here's the latest Oregonian story about Stephanie Lopez... it's short but sweet!

And another article about Steph and the US World Cup team in general from the Sacramento Bee (which, sadly, is much better than the O's article):

Here's a touching story about Imani Dorsey's mother (who died on Sept. 11) and which has an update on Imani (no surprise... sounds like she's been very successful):

And here is a strange grab-bag of a story that briefly mentions KPDX airing UP soccer games:

Here's the choice quote from that one:

Station managers say the niche programming establishes a bond with viewers who appreciate the station catering to their often less-than-broad tastes. Kieran Clarke, VP/GM of Meredith's Fox/MNT duopoly in Portland, Ore., was besieged by e-mail and calls after airing the University of Portland women's playoff soccer match against Notre Dame, which posted a 4 household rating on KPDX. “Usually people only contact the station when they're upset,” he says. “They were very thankful, and I was really grateful to read the e-mails.”

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that rating of 4 means that 4% of all possible TV watchers in the Portland area were watching the game, which when you think about it is pretty unbelievable. And not only that, butthe share (the percentage of people actually watching TV at that given time) was I'm sure considerably higher.

Very, very cool.
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Re: This and That... A Sampling of UP Articles

Post by Geezaldinho on Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:33 am

I was confused about rating /share, so I looked it up.

The "Share" is the percentage of radio listeners tuned in to a given station at a given time.
For example - a "1.4 Share" means that that 1.4% of all people listening to the radio at a specified time are tuned into the specified station or program.
"Rating" is the percentage of potential listeners - whether listening to the radio or not - who are tuned into a program or station at a given time.
frequency and reach is gross rating point

From the examples given, The share was usually near double the rating for sporting events. For instance, Blazer championship games (remember those? peaked at a rating of 16.6 and share of 35.

I'd love to see the figures for both for the ND game.

A more important statistic is that my local pub had the game on. Pretty amazing if you consider that crowd.
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