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Some Thoughts on a Football Game and more

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default Some Thoughts on a Football Game and more

Post by Guest Sat Feb 02, 2008 2:56 pm

Any interest in the Super Bowl this year? With a NY team playing a Boston team, it's pretty much an east coast affair. I do think it is kind of funny that the Giants, who by their record do not belong in the championship game, are playing. As a fan of the college football bowls, I've decided that a result that "proves" a playoff is not a guaranteed way to determine the "best" teams is my interest , so I'm rooting for a 48 - 7 Patriots victory and a Giants embarrassment.

Call me stubborn, but I think a team really should win their own conference before they qualify to play for a national championship. Football teams like Georgia this year who claim they belong in the championship game because they're "playing the best right now", but not only didn't win the conference, but didn't win their division, have no validity with me. A champion should be the team who performed the best over an entire season, not who's playing best this week.

That has alway caused a problem for me with March Madness. I recall the year Arizona won it all, but was 4th or 5th place in the Pac-10 conference. Doesn't seem right. Even conference tournaments, where a team can get hot over a long weekend and erase an entire season of poor performances, seems not fair. I suppose the old days had problems too. Like when USC would go 24 - 2 with two losses to UCLA in the Wooden era, and be left out of the champions only tournament. Maybe too restrictive. But I get disgusted every year with some 6th or 7th place Big 10 team claiming they were overlooked if they are not selected for the Big Dance. A champion should be a true champion, not a one hit wonder.

Thoughts? Fire at will.


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default Re: Some Thoughts on a Football Game and more

Post by Geezaldinho Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:31 pm

First off, The Giants are a New Jersey team, not a New York team. As such, they qualify in most New Yorker's minds as a West Coast team.
You should be rooting for them on those grounds alone. Smile

Paragraphs 2 makes no sense to me at all. I might point out that UP women's soccer was ranked 8th in the rankings and didn't win the conference in 2002, and lost to Santa Clara the last home game of the regular season the first year they won it all. What counted most is that They were hot the last week and beat Santa Clara then.

Paragraph 3 makes a little more sense, but when UCLA was winning it regularly, the tournament was 32 teams? (I'll let you check)
I don't think that any 24-2 team that played any schedule at all (even if it's the Patriot league) will be left out now.

The beauty of March Madness is you can be 1 and done every round. It doesn't get better than that.
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