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Post by Stonehouse Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:11 pm

Kind of fun to look at these:


You have to jump through some hoops to see the UP breakdown... easiest way is to search for the team leaders in rebound margin and then scroll down to #47 and click on 'Portland'. From there, you can also click on 'West Coast - All Teams' to see a comparison with the rest of the WCC.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to point out how impressive it is that we are top 50 in the country in rebounding with a front line of three freshmen and a sophomore, all of whom are new to D1. We were a woeful rebounding team for years and years and years, and then Rev comes and suddenly we have a positive margin last year and are top 50 this year. Ah... nice to have a post coach who knows how to teach, huh?

Was surprised to see we were so so low in blocks and steals per game... not really sure what that indicates, other than maybe a lack of speed on defense. Also couldn't believe we have the third lowest number of turnovers per game in the WCC... jeesh, the conference is down this year, isn't it?
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