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Scrimmage vv WWU

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default Scrimmage vv WWU

Post by UPWomenSoccerRookie Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:15 am

UP hosted Western Washington in a spring scrimmage on Sat 4/9.  For those who keep score, UP had 1 goal, WWU none.  WWU is a strong Div II program, but we would hope UP would prevail.

UP has 17 players on the roster who will be eligible next fall.  16 were present Sat.  Parkes Kendrick was not present, presumably off running track somewhere.  Four players did not dress; one of those was on crutches.  Two players are goalies, and each played 45 minutes in the net.

16 eligible players present minus 4 non-dressers leaves 12, minus 2 goalies leaves 10 field players.  Noelle La Prevotte was also present, making for 11 field players.  Ten started, leaving UP with a single player to substitute.  In addition, Lusby played a portion of the 2nd half as a field player.  So perhaps it is because of a lack of healthy players that this was perhaps the only spring scrimmage for UP?

Ellie Boon looked the best to me, as she did for the 2015 season.  The best offense appeared to come from La Prevotte, which is unfortunate since she will not be around come fall.  UP got its goal from Pedersen, who was close on a couple of other shots.  And Lusby sent a ball against the left pole.

Comments w/o names:  Gives up on the ball too easily.  Not as strong or fast as opponents.  Poor punts.

A typical and telling sequence for me came in the 1st half.  Kennedy on defense forced the ball out on the sideline midway in UP’s defensive half.  She rushed to pick up the ball and ran up the sideline ready to quickly throw it in.  But no UP player on the field was ready for or moving to receive the ball, so she had to stop her run and walk back down the sideline until the players on the field were ready.

I look forward to fall when our 7 incoming frosh will, hopefully, give us enough bodies for both practice and matches.

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