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Non Conference Wins

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default Non Conference Wins

Post by pilotpurple Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:02 pm

We're 3-6 so far with two losses against top 25 teams, two losses to solid teams (SDSU, PSU) and a couple of losses that may not be good (OSU, Fresno). One good win (@ Montana) and two wins that we should have expected (Liberty, Idaho State). Considering that we missed Taishi for four games and are very young, I think that's a good start.

After watching/listening to nine games, what does everyone think we'll finish at after our non-conference season is over?

Here's who we have left (7 games):
@ UW
@ Eastern Washington
vs Northern Colorado
vs Cascade
@ Yale
@ Army
vs CS Bakersfield

I think we should win at least 4 (NC, Cascade, Army, CSB) and could possibly win all but the UW game (they looked good against Pitt and have Appleby back).

My bold prediction... we finish out 5-2 with losses at UW and Yale. That'd make us 8-8 heading into conference and I can honestly say that I didn't think that would be a possibility this year. I'd be happy with 7-9.


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default Re: Non Conference Wins

Post by PilotNut Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:10 am

Good topic for a slow week of hoops. I am feeling optimistic about the team... we have Ito back, the young guys are playing well... so I am probably looking through some rose-colored beer goggles...

My predictions for the remaining 6 games:
@ UW: Loss, but we keep it close. I wasnt impressed watching UW earlier this year, but they looked darn good vs. Pitt. Still a winnable game though.
@ EWU: Win. The Eagles are down this year.
NCU: Win. NCU is 5-3 now, but not a strong schedule. It will also be their 3rd game in 5 days in 3 cities (@ Gonzaga 12/17, @ OSU 12/19, @ UP 12/21).
Cascade: Win. NAIA team. Did you know that CC was formed in 1993? You learn something new every day...
@ Yale: Win. This isnt Princeton... a tough, close game but we come out with the W.
@ Army: Loss. This is a game we should win, but will be tough on the road. This would be a great W to pick up...
CSU Bakersfield: Win. I like having this game in the middle of conference play... they are 1-7 now, but interestingly the 1 win was Fresno State, who we lost to... This is one we should win, but there is a lot of hoops to occur between now and then!

So that would leave us at 7-8 going into WCC play, and 8-8 after the CSUB game on 1/25/08.

Anyone else? bounce

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default Re: Non Conference Wins

Post by Stonehouse Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:31 pm

Thanks for breaking this down. We are definitely through the hard part of the non-conference schedule, aren't we?

I think the UW game will definitely be tough, but like everyone else, I think it's one that we could potentially come out and surprise them. With Appleby back they are much better and Brockman will probably kill us inside, but still... if we are shooting well from the outside and if Sikma and Knutson can do their job in the paint, I think we'll put up a fight. (By the way... Kramer deserves major props for his play against Montana. Just thought I would throw that out there.)

Eastern will be another good test... can this team beat a team it "should" on the road? If yes, that will bode well for when we go down to LMU and Pepperdine. (Though actually Pep is starting to look pretty good.)

Northern Colorado should definitely be a win. Ditto for Cascade.

Yale and Army... that will be a tough trip. I would be happy to go 1-1. I thinkm these games will be like going to San Diego and Santa Clara, actually. Maybe not the most talented teams in the world, but still pretty good and difficult to beat in their own gym.

Bakersfield... hopefully it will be deep enough into the season where we won't drop a game like this that we should definitely win.

All told... I'm guessing 4-3, but could definitely see 5-2. I say we win all the home games and struggle a bit on the road.
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