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2013 Recruit News

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Post by My2cents Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:09 pm

Just to follow-up on the latest news on Kaycie Young, a 2014 recruit. Watched her in action over the weekend in a couple of ECNL games in the Las Vegas area. Impressive performance. She scored 4 goals along with one assist. In the first game, she got a hat trick scoring all the goals in a 3-0 decision and in the 2nd game had a goal and an assist in their 3-0 win. She does about everything for the team: corner kicks, free kicks, penalty kicks. Great vertical ability in winning balls in the air. But the one thing that she really excells at, is her precision passing. Amazing accuracy. So many times she was able to put the ball right at the foot of a player running in stride or into space for them to easily run onto. It will be interesting to see just where they end up using her.


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default Re: 2013 Recruit News

Post by gnarly Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:52 pm

By '14 we'll need some MFers. Sippel and Kurle will be Srs and Vaver, LaProvotte, and Jeter will be Jrs. Definately room for her passes to fit right in.
Then will have to see where the '13's fit into the picture too.

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