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Pre Season Predictions

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default Pre Season Predictions

Post by shallwemaui10 Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:59 am

Well, we may not have the hardest schedule in the country, but it is certainly hard enough. Lots of "return" games on the schedule this season. At Kentucky, at BSU, at Utah... Wow.
If we recall the high point of last season, it was turning Douglas loose against St M's. Bailey and Cason both showed talent in the Pre-season games against the 2 Concordias. They also showed they are better off playing fast vs. working through 25 seconds of pattern offense. The question is, can we rebound and defend well enough to play up tempo? By they way, we lose that 2nd game without the 2 blocks by Bailey, he has a chance to be dynamic. Might be the next level up from Donald Wilson, who had a pretty good career.

My view, given the schedule is 15 wins would be great. To achieve, we really need to get up and down. I would like to see Cason play more. I would have liked to see (even for a short time each half) the 2 Centers playing together in a 1-2-2 type of defense. Both big guys can shoot a bit facing up, so I would try them together. Like a lot of Int'l players, VanDeMars may have trouble playing minutes w/o fouling, so his time may be limited by that.

What is everyone's prediction? Keys to success? I'm hoping it's a re-tool year. Go Pilots.


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