Nemanja Mitrovic at Canadian National Team Practice

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default Nemanja Mitrovic at Canadian National Team Practice

Post by cjacks14 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:55 pm

I just had a Twitter-chat with someone who was at the Canadian National team practice recently and he gave me some pretty surprising news about Nem.

Apparently, after a practice the players had an impromptu dunk contest. Former UConn Huskie, Denham Brown, was trying to throw down any dunk better than a standard windmill and Nem came out of nowhere and threw down a 360 windmill.

Once that happened Joel Anthony told Brown to "get off the court when grown men are dunking."

Nem threw down a couple of decent dunks last year, but nothing crazy enough to make me believe he could pull off a 360 windmill. Those summer workouts must be doing wonders...


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