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Post by gnarly Sun May 15, 2011 12:15 pm

About a third of the schedules are out on nc-soccer now and we can already see a lot of the key non-conference matchups for the fall.

Second to last weekend of August: MD vs. Minn, Stan vs. Penn St, Vir vs. WV, UP vs. FSU

Last weekend of August: FL vs A&M, UNC vs ND, Penn St vs WV, UW vs Wis, Duke vs. ND, GT vs. Stan, UCLA vs. FL

Labor Day weekend in Sept: Dayton vs. Wis, Ohio St vs UNC,

Second weekend of Sept: Duke vs. A&M, FL vs. FSU, UNC vs. UNC-GR, Stan vs. ND, Duke vs. UNC-GR, A&M vs. UNC, UP vs. OSU, Stan vs UC-I,

Third weekend of Sept: UP vs. Stan, SCU vs Stan

Pretty tough competition right out of the gate for a lot of teams.

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