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Here's to Manute Bol

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default Here's to Manute Bol

Post by Geezaldinho Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:44 pm

you may have read he died today. He wasn't the best player of all time (he does have one of the best shot block averages), but he was fun to watch and an entertainer.

More importantly, he took his millions and used them to fund hospitals and schools in his native Sudan. He made a difference.

I remember when he was drafted by the Bullets, His 7'7" frame was so slim there was a discussion about whether he had enough "heart" to play the pro game. when a reporter asked, the guy who picked him, Bob Ferry, though a second and said "Well, he's killed a lion with just a spear, have you? I think he's got the heart thing covered".

Bol later admitted-“Of course, the lion was asleep. I’m not crazy,’’
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