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Lorenzo Romar still remembers us...

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default Lorenzo Romar still remembers us...

Post by onetouchfutbol Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:21 am

One year later, and Romar is still talking about UP when discussing winning, losing, and UW's next game:

Ask Romar, who's always composed in public, if he ever panics amid tough times, and he laughs.

"Losing is hard," he said, hinting that you should never fully judge him by his relaxed nature. "That's just always hard. Last year, we had lost to Portland, and we started the season 2-3, and people were ready to shut down the program. But as much as it hurts, we've been able to come back. I've been through this before. And I felt the same way this year. So that's one reason I don't have to jump off a bridge. The season wasn't over. We were still working. Now look at us."

From the Seattle PI this past week...

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default Re: Lorenzo Romar still remembers us...

Post by DaTruRochin Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:33 am

Not entirely shocking... This UW team is HORRIBLY inconsistent and really rely on adrenaline and high energy to win. Clearly that UP loss was motivating for last years team and this years team had that double circled, they came out with an intensity that the first 2/3rds of their season never really saw. But as soon as this team HAD to win at the end of the year they turned it on again, their athleticism is fantastic and they have depth which enables them to play at such a high intensity pace on both ends of the floor. They really have the perfect psyche for the tourney, good for them that they didn't let their mostly lackluster regular season prevent them from getting there (haha but wow did they cut it close...)

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