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Post by upsailor Wed May 13, 2009 8:01 pm

To me the real part of Rev's twitter was about the recruits that were at the Chiles during the teams workouts. What a perfect situation for a coach, the excitement of the players on the up comimng trip and high school players taking it all in. Youhave to hand it to the Coach, he can be a master. An then to escort a mother and her hight school son thru the new dorms. How can she forget that treatment. Its interseting when he mentions the steak dinner which the recruits were on an unofficial visit meant theyhad to pay. They must havve been players from the area because they save the official trips for schools out of the area.
All very interesting.

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Post by Stonehouse Wed May 13, 2009 9:01 pm

Yes yes... I meant to bring that up as well but kind of spaced it. Love to see them getting some recruiting done, and it's really lucky to be able to have them watch some practices in the spring.

I actually poked my head into a practice yesterday... mostly drills but they scrimmaged some at the end. The shot clock in Australia is 24 seconds, so a lot of the stuff they were working on was fast-break, running plays quickly, etc. Pretty fun to see them get out and run.

Luke Sikma was playing super well... dominating at times. Throwing down dunks, showing off his shooting range, racing back and blocking shots... it was pretty impressive. I think sometimes we forget that he missed pretty much all of last summer's and fall's practices. He still had a fine year, but he looked better yesterday than I've ever seen him. If he could develop into a big-time performer, that would improve the team a lot.

Hegarty looks to be in great shape - he was getting up and down the court no problem and he definitely looks pretty trim. He had some pretty powerful dunks and has a nice soft touch around the rim. Still a work in progress, but he has moments that make you salivate and dream about what he could do if he really focuses in. What I saw yesterday was encouraging.

Smeulders didn't participate in contact drills or scrimmage. He seemed to have full mobility but was restricted to doing running/agility stuff on the side. Heard that he is OK but might not be playing in Australia.

Raivio was playing well... he's solid and man he's a good rebounder for a guard. Waterford is definitely improving (he was pretty aggressive offensively) and Campbell, while he didn't have a great practice, has apparantly been very aggressive as well. I think the coaches want him to attack more and be more of a scorer.

Mitrovic may still be a work in progress in terms of the all around game, but the kid can shoot. He was drilling threes in the scrimmage. Stohl, well, he's automatic pretty much.

Kramer is an incredibly intense practice player. Love to see the energy and determination. And he was being pretty vocal too... definitely enjoy seeing that.

That's all that stood out to me... the good news is that everyone (except Smeulders) seems to be healthy and I know the coaches must be thrilled to be able to get this practice time in. If anyone has any more specific questions, go ahead and ask... this is just some random impressions.
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default Re: forget Libby

Post by MesaPilot1 Thu May 14, 2009 11:59 am

Thanks for the update Stoney. Thanks for giving all the other WCC teams a summer scouting report on the Pilot's too Razz ,J/K....


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