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default Big Hire!!!

Post by Stonehouse on Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:29 pm

Wow... check this out:

UP just hired Bradford Scott, USC's strength and conditioning coach, for the newly created position of Director of Athletic Performance. Prior to working for USC he spent time with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and at the University of Arizona.

This sounds like a GREAT hire... they were put in a tough spot when Ryan Cabiles (the old strength and conditioning coach and just a terrific guy) left for a great opportunity at Syracuse, but it sounds like instead of just bringing in someone to try and fill Ryan's shoes they took their time, got some donations to secure improvements to the weight room and (I assume) a good salary, and went out and targeted a really good person from a successful program and brought him here.

I'm excited to see what Bradford can do and I'm very impressed with the hire.

Kudos to Larry Williams and the rest of the athletic department!
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default Very Cool

Post by PilotNut on Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:42 pm

Agreed Stonehouse... a GREAT hire by UP.

And this is yet another step forward for the Athletic Department: upgrades to the training facilities and upgrades to the Trainers themselves. Having the "Director of Athletic Perforamnce" (and the Associate) is awesome.

This is further proof that Larry Williams and the current university administration are seriously committed to upgrading the Athletic Department. Larry seems to be proving himself as a good fund raiser... Pilot Club donations/memberships are way up, Merlo/CCSC upgrades, new indoor baseball pitching facility, new Chiles Center locker rooms, new training facilities.... I like where we are headed!

Edited to add: I want a jacket like the one Bradford is wearing in his pic... that looks awesome. Hint, hint to anyone who may be reading this that has a say in such decisions on what to pilots apparel to sell.... oh and the purple t-shirts that the hoops coaches are wearing in the recent photos on the web site. The shirts the hoops players were wearing are great designs too... I wish the stuff being sold was that cool! Variety is good! Wink

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default Re: Big Hire!!!

Post by Rochin54 on Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:17 am

Yeah, no doubt this sounds like a good hire. It's exciting to see Larry Williams going after some good talent. Additionally, the weight room facilities are in need of a big-time upgrade. I do wonder if their improvements to the weight lifting facilities include any additional space - it could be used.

Seperatly, I know this has already been said, but Ryan Cabiles was a fantastic guy and a great asset to the University. He deserves the opportunity he got out at Syracuse - he is good at what he does. Kudos to him.
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