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WCC Internet foulup now repaired.

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default WCC Internet foulup now repaired.

Post by MesaPilot1 Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:53 am

Whomever cares, you can actually hear the volume. About 2 weeks too late, whatever, I nominate Stonehouse and Pilotnut to replace the New Commish of WCC. (at least the moderators can keep the board up and Stonehouse keeps the board hoppin'). Something a overpaid WCC commisioner can't seem to grasp about a key news conference in WCC BB history he could'nt seem to do with his millions of dollars budget or at least hire a good couple expert's.

Oh well I feel better? I just hope this is not the sign of what to comes from this Kid, maybe they just promoted him to quick in his life and he's sloppy. Or he doesn't know how surround himself with good staff. Computer experts, Pub hacks, etc... he's trying to do too much and not delegate. Who knows, everybodys got a pet peave and that's mine.

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