Dick Davey on Pepperdine's Short List?

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Dick Davey on Pepperdine's Short List?

Post by Stonehouse on Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:52 am

Rumor on the Pep board:


With their program seemingly falling apart, he would be a reliabled, trusted guy to help stabilize it, but - and I say this with all the respect in the world for Davey - I think his best coaching days are behind him and I wouldn't see him as a long-term solution. Then again, if they are just looking for a steady hand to right the ship before handing it off to a more energetic (i.e. young) guy, then maybe it's not a bad idea.


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Re: Dick Davey on Pepperdine's Short List?

Post by PilotNut on Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:25 am

No offense to Dick Davey... I have a ton of respect for him, but I dont think he is the answer. Pepperdine needs stability right now, and with Davey, you are looking at a couple years at best, and then another coaching change.

I really hope that Pepperdine doesnt try to go for another "quick fix" or splashy hire... they have not had luck with that route recently (Walberg, Westphal). Looking at Pepp's website, they have had 7 head coaches since 1995! Shocked (Fuller, Wilson, Romar, van Breda Kolff, Westphal, Walberg, Bridgeland). And likely yet another going into next season. Shocked

Pepp would be better off going with a Reveno/Tention type coach, IMO. A younger guy who will be around for a while, with a clean image and from a clean/stable propgram. Someone that will run a clean program, and that can recruit quality student athletes who will stick around for 4 years and graduate.

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