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Post by A_Fan on Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:19 pm

I attended the UO vs OSU Women's game at Matthew Knight Arena this past Friday night - attendance 12,000+

Today I attended the rematch in Gill Coliseum - attendance 9000+

Yesterday I attended the UP vs Pepperdine game - attendance 450

Anybody know why are there no metal detectors at the UO and OSU arenas, only at UP?

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Post by StudentPilot on Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:01 am

A_Fan wrote:Anybody know why are there no metal detectors at the UO and OSU arenas, only at UP?
Shouldn't you be asking the Oregon state schools why they are so cavalier about safety and security?

In any public venue the public deserves to be in a safe, secure environment, and by asking everyone to go through metal detectors gives fans the confidence they can enjoy an event without fear of violence...unless of course you're at a Kansas/Kansas St. game. Razz  

Most of us of a certain age have been going through metal detectors since middle-school and even grammar school, and would find it very odd not to have them.  I was told UP started using them at the OSAA Tournament in 2018 and adopted their use at all public events in August 2018.  

I went to a play, three concerts, and a basketball game in Portland this past fall, and went through metal detectors at all the venues.  It's just a normal thing for most of us under 30.  

(FYI: Virtually all UP buildings, including the Chiles Center (unless security is in place) are locked everyday at 5pm, after which ID Card access is required. The dormitories are locked 24/7 and always require ID Card access. Waldschmidt Hall is also locked 24/7, but there is a Campus Safety Officer at the main entrance 8:30 to 4:30 to assist visitors.)
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