Extra tickets!

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Extra tickets!

Post by parsons13 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:14 pm

Hi all,

Long-time lurker, maybe second time poster. I had a different user name, but honestly have forgotten it.

Now I'm not sure if advertising ticket sales is allowed in this forum or not; if it isn't, I apologize and will delete this thread.

Here's the deal: I graduated from UP in 2013, and spent the past year in Munich, Germany, teaching English after receiving a Fulbright Grant. It was a fantastic year, and Iím grateful for all the support I got from UP. When I heard that Bayern Munich was coming to Portland, I was beyond excited. I got a ticket for the All-Star game last week, which was fantastic.
I also responded to the email sent by the Athletics Department regarding the ticket happy hour for new season ticket purchases, because one of the rewards was a chance to attend a closed Bayern Munich training/autograph session. I ended up negotiating with a very understanding employee, since my current situation means I wouldnít be able to enjoy season tickets like some fans might.

In the end, Bayern postponed their closed training session to the afternoon, and made it open to the public... †Mad
Anyways, I purchased 2 mini-packs that include 4 games:
8/30 vs. Stanford
9/28 vs. Washington
10/5 vs. Saint Maryís
10/26 vs. LMU

Now, to be honest, I donít have as much interest in these games as most of you probably do. Iím not trying to make a profit on this at all; if I could get $5 for each ticket (General Admission), then I would at least feel less guilty about spending $56 to attend a public Bayern Munich training session.

You all might already have season tickets, rendering this post useless, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to check. Otherwise, I'll at least try to make it to a game or 2!

Thanks for reading and GO PILOTS!


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Re: Extra tickets!

Post by UPSoccerFanatic on Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:49 pm

I'll be happy to buy your tickets for the price you paid for them. I'll PM you.

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