The Rich Get Richer?

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The Rich Get Richer?

Post by DaTruRochin on Sun May 26, 2013 9:10 am

So Munich celebrates their UCL win by signing Dortmund's top 2 attackers... and not to be outdone Barca finally signs Neymar...

The big name teams are making themselves REALLY easy to root against.


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Re: The Rich Get Richer?

Post by Geezaldinho on Sun May 26, 2013 10:53 am

The jury is still open as to whether Neymar will succeed at Barça. Argentina ( and Mexico in he Olympics) has been able to bottle him up pretty well with man marking.H

But the leagues will get worse.

Right now, every team in La Liga would go into receivership if their debts were called except Barça and Real Mardrid. Those two teams get 70% of tv money. Even Real has close to half a billion debt in the purchase prices for Ronaldo, kaka, and a couple other players they borrowed money for.

With no money to buy new players and not even the money to keep the ones they have, expect 9-0 results in that league next year.

The healthiest league in Europe is the Bundesligue. Expect no new faces at the top of the table there, either. The gap is still widening and " financial fair play" is just a myth.

It makes the MLS look like a model of fiscal responsibility.

Speaking of Barça. Their game with Espanyol starts soon.

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