Husky Open

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Husky Open

Post by Geezaldinho on Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:27 pm

Congrats to the Varsity Eight boat for claiming a first place !

The races were shortened to 1500m because of strong winds and UP rowed at a time of 5:21.

It's particularly impressive because they apparently did it with seven rowers in the boat! Shocked
Husky Open Seattle, Wash.
1.) Washington - 5:22.4
2.) Seattle - 5:25.3
3.) Western Washington - 5:32.9
4.) Portland - 6:07.5

1.) Washington B - 5:05.9
2.) Washington A - 5:10.2
3.) Portland - 5:14.4
4.) Western Washington - 5:22.3
5.) Seattle - 5:24.5

1.) Portland - 5:21.7
2.) Western Washington - 5:25.9
3.) Washington - 5:32.7

Varsity 8: Sarah Donohoe (bow), Molly Donahue, Jamie Opra, Maggie Keller, Melissa Gomez, Bridget Sloat, Molly Templin (stroke), Hannah Dahlem (coxswain)

Varsity 4: Kassie Meras (bow), Suzanne Blair, Kelly Herman, Kayla Russell (stroke), Taylor Nelson (coxswain)

Novice 8: Lucy Kelly (bow), Tara Molina, Alex Miller, Lauren Wilson, Peri Parsons, Casey Daley, Claire Seibold, Jessica Osborn (stroke), Kelsey Kincaid (coxswain)

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Re: Husky Open

Post by A_Fan on Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:14 pm

Think how fast hey would have been with a full boat.


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