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default A note to PN visitors & lurkers

Post by PilotNut on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:08 am

Just a FYI to the visitors to this site who do not have an account/username, or who have set one up, but do not sign in when returning... by staying signed in when you visit Pilot Nation, the site marks which forums, threads, etc. you have read and which have new topics since your last visit. This is a big time saver!

On the home page/list of various forums, the white P logos turn purple if there is a new post in that forum since your last visit, and once you visit the forum, the P will return to white. Also, when inside a forum, there will be a little indicator next to the threads that have a new post since your last visit, which clears once you have looked at that thread.

By signing in, you also have access to the Pilot Nation Chatbox (chat) and the private message system.

Signing up is easy, and we never spam you, sell your email/information, etc.

Thank you for visiting Pilot Nation! Cool

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