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Post by Geezaldinho on Wed May 11, 2011 9:32 am

It' starting to look look like the WPS's move East and the dream of the league as a training ground for the NATS will go the way of the WUSA when this season ends.

From Steven Goss' Sporting News blog

*WPS’s march into oblivion continues. Weekend attendance: 4,535. If that were a one-game turnout, it would be impressive. Two games? Satisfactory. A three-match total? Embarrassing. The Team Formerly Known as the Washington Freedom failed to crack 1,000 at its new home in Florida. High school softball games draw bigger crowds.
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Post by keeper on Thu May 12, 2011 2:16 pm

It's sad to see as I was hoping they would turn it around for the current and future players. From casually following, it looks like league office is going to have a hard time righting the ship. The team in Florida has an owner who appears to have repeatedly thumbed his nose at the league since he purchased the Washington Freedom in ways that are hard to believe a "professional" league would allow. It almost feels like the people running the league do not have any idea on how to reach fans and even less of an idea about how to run a business. An interesting article is at http://www.allwhitekit.com/, which chronicles some of issues with the Florida team.

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