New Members and Occasional Posters

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New Members and Occasional Posters

Post by FANatic on Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:38 pm

Hey, everyone. Let me play cheerleader for a moment. (Kinda what I always do, right?) We are fast approaching that pivotal point in the season when tournament bids go out to the country's best college soccer teams. I know the regular posters, including myself, will have plenty to say. And I am greatly anticipating all of the intelligent, as well as emotional, conversations that will make this board the place to be until we have played our last second of the season. (Hopefully with the team celebrating wildly with that big championship trophy on December 9th.)

I'm sure a lot of you are content with just reading posts and maybe once in awhile making your own comments. However, starting in the next week or so, the stakes grow much higher. And happen, like the upcoming holidays, only once a year. It is the top of the mountain time for our favorite soccer team. I am really hoping that some of you will be moved to offer up what's inside of you. Go ahead and let out some steam.

Be happy, or mad. Be joyful, or sad. Celebrate with us, or drown in our beer with us. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of a title, you have to invest just a little bit of yourself, and be prepared for possible disappointment. It's the old risk/reward scenario. We really need your input to keep this board thriving. You can make us think, and perhaps change a few minds with your perspective.

I look forward to hearing from any and all of you. On to Texas, my beloved Pilots!!!


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Re: New Members and Occasional Posters

Post by Stonehouse on Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:08 am

Now THAT is some enthusiasm right there!!! We definitely do need some cheerleading sometimes.

In the dreadful scenario that we get sent on the road for the first few games, I can pretty much assure you that UP will send someone to do the audio for those games. So we can definitely be "together" on the chat room for those games.

And also, if we do get to host, I'm sure the tickets will sell out pretty quickly, but don't fret - we've got an agreement with the new Comcast Sports channel to air the games, so if you can't be at Merlo in person you can at least watch it on TV.

Should be a thrill ride... let's hope we finally get some luck with the selection committee this year!!!


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