Wozzie WCC POY, Winters WCC POW

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Wozzie WCC POY, Winters WCC POW

Post by Stonehouse on Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:32 am

The Pilots are getting all kinds of accolades right now!

Angie Woznuk was named the WCC Player of the Month for October:


And Keelin Winters was named the WCC Player of the week last week:


I'm very happy for both... Wozzie deserves any and every award she gets - she has been the rock on this year's team. And Winters is really starting to come into her own... it's definitely nice to know that Lisa Sari is there on the bench to help mold Winters into an awesome defensive mid.

While we're at it... congrats to Dana Morgan of the cross country team and Terrence Macatangay of the men's golf team, both of whom were named WCC Players of the Month for October as well.


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Re: Wozzie WCC POY, Winters WCC POW

Post by FANatic on Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:42 pm

Right-O Stonehouse. Wozzie the WCC POM makes perfect sense. She's really been burning it up lately, as well as being the anchor all season long.

Keelin, what a revelation she has been. (Although a highly placed source told me long before the season began that she had really great potential.) Keelin's winning balls in the air has given this team a huge lift in an area they seemed to be struggling at a bit, earlier on. Also very deserving of POW. Probably one of our true core players that is going to keep this team elite for years to come.

One game to go Saturday night. Gonna be there and get wet? It's huge if we win. Bigger yet if we get the shutout!


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