This is more like it!

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This is more like it!

Post by Rob's Jacket on Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:19 pm

The lady Pilots beat Concordia tonight 101-42!

Now THIS is what's supposed to happen in exhibitions.

Stoney, any thoughts on what we should be expecting from the ladies this year? I know that the last few seasons have been rough, but I also know that they've had a ridiculous amount of injuries and that Sollars is a very good coach. What's this season's outlook?


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Re: This is more like it!

Post by Geezaldinho on Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:58 pm


The women (AKA Team Aussie) were pretty awesome, Not necessarily in thumping Concordia, they were supposed to do that, but in actually putting together plays, shooting and some defense.

For a first game, it was pretty impressive.

I sneaked a peak at the box score on my way out-

FG% in the .490's
3pt% in the .450's
21 steals
27/12 assist/turnover ratio.

about the only bad thing I saw was all the fouls.

It wasn't just the starters, either. the whole team did well.

They should make the men watch the video.

The nicest thing was not seeing 4 women holding crutches or something (Knock on wood)

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