Victorious Week-End!

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Victorious Week-End!

Post by FANatic on Sun Oct 21, 2007 4:31 pm

Big week-end for Pilots! Two shut-out wins in Bay Area. Yes, we were heavy favorites in both matches. However, winning on the road is always huge by my standards. And being the favorite doesn't necessarily mean you just show up and collect your win. EVERY game, there is potential for failure.

To recap, we beat a Saint Mary's team on Friday that so feared our offensive firepower, that they decided to pack the box, and not focus on their offense. (I didn't see the match, but that is what I gather from everything I have read). Final score 1-0. Stephanie Lopez used her world-class leg to net a curling direct free kick just under and to the left of the helpless goalkeeper with only about seven minutes left in regulation.

On Sunday, San Francisco decided not to use that defensive tactic. They probably should have. We annihilated them 6-0.

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