Warner, Guerrero and vanSchaik all WCC 1st Team

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Warner, Guerrero and vanSchaik all WCC 1st Team

Post by DaTruRochin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:48 pm

Big congrats to Collen, Austin and Jered for the post season recognition, and to the 9 pilots in total being honored for their play.

From portlandpilots.com:

Player of the Year: Ryan Peterman, USD
Defensive Player of the Year: Jordan Grider, SMC
Freshman of the Year: Patrick Wallen, USD
Coach of the Year: Adam Cooper, SMC

First-Team All-WCC
Jalil Anibaba, SCU
Rafael Baca, LMU
Conor Chinn, USF
Jordan Grider, SMC
Austin Guerrero, POR
Dylan Leslie, SMC
Tye Perdido, GON
Ryan Peterman, USD
Jarad vanSchaik, POR
Patrick Wallen, USD
Collen Warner, POR

Second Team All-WCC
Nick Barclay, GON
Kelin Briones, USD
Bryan Burke, USF
Jason Coehlo, SMC
Andrew Feld, USD
Ben Funkhouser, GON
Ryan Kawulok, POR
Jonathan Levi, USF
Erik Hurtado, SCU
Logan McDaniel, LMU
Vincent Ocampo, LMU
Sam Reeder, USD

Honorable Mention
Alugas, SMC; Scott Barnum, GON; Mitch Boland, GON; James Cohn, USD;
Victor Cortez, USF; Phil Da Silva, LMU; Roger Downes, LMU; Logan Emory, POR; Tim Grey, USD; Doug Herrick, SMC; William Johnson, LMU; Tyler Krumpe, LMU; Ryan Luke, POR; Eric Masch, SCU; James Matern, GON; Tim Muravez, GON; Trevor Newquist, SMC; Michael Nielsen, POR; Yousef Samy, SMC; Patrick Sampson, LMU; Brandon Zimmerman, SCU

All-Freshman Team
Jose Cabeza, SMC
Ricardo Carrillo, POR
James Cohn, USD
Erik Hurtado, SCU
Larry Jackson, SCU
James Matern, GON
Trevor Newquist, SMC
James Rochlitz, LMU
Brendan Roslund, USF
Sean Sears, LMU
Marc Tonkel, POR
Patrick Wallen, USD


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Re: Warner, Guerrero and vanSchaik all WCC 1st Team

Post by PurplePrideTrumpet on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:18 pm

Carrillo and Tonkel deserved the all-freshman selections as well. Those are two guys to watch.

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