Post-Scrimmage Thoughts

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Post-Scrimmage Thoughts

Post by ShipstadPilot11 on Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:10 pm

I'd sure love to hear the thoughts of anyone who was at the scrimmage last night. Any surprises? Disappointments? Overall thoughts?

Thank you kindly,



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Re: Post-Scrimmage Thoughts

Post by PilotNut on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:10 pm

Went to the scrimmage last night... and the thing that stood out the most was the team's fitness... Coach Scott has the guys in amazing shape... Jasonn has lost about 40 pounds, and Ethan, Jared and Kramer all were noticably bulked up. Very nice. That being said, the team did look a bit tired, but that is to be expected coming off a full week of two-a-days.

The purple vs. grey scrimmage was entertaining; they played 4 10-minute quarters with regular refs, and switched the players up a bit each quarter. The team was playing full-speed, and didn't shy away from any contact. The player that really stood out the most to me was Ethan... he shot the lights out, and continued the hustle we sorely missed when he was out last year. If we can keep Ethan and Luke healthy, we are a much better team. Everyone was healthy and paid many minutes with the exception of walk-on Ryan Schaefer, who is coming off ACL surgery. (A tip of the cap to walk-on Cody Mivshek, who was pretty solid, particularly on D).

TJ, Nik, Jared... all continued to play well. Robin seemed to be finishing better at the rim. Jared drove the lane a few times, sank his usual load of 3's and seemed to be defending better. But Ethan... he played really well.

I look forward to Thursday so we can see our rotation; let the fun begin! bounce


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