Adversity: Opportunity Or Death Knell?

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Adversity: Opportunity Or Death Knell?

Post by FANatic on Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:19 pm

I think as of now, after two hard-fought losses in Southern Cal and a roster that is bare to the bone, we can officially say the Pilots are faced with the big, bad beast named "adversity".

I have followed my favorite sports teams since I was a young teenage boy. I usually got so emotionally involved that I would literally go into a depressed funk after a crucial loss, or a serious injury to a key player. (Thus, as some of you have noted, I tend to overreact sometimes when the Pilots lose a game. To be honest, I still feel a little unsettled about the Rapinoes being lost for the season, especially after Megan's injury a year ago. And yes, I do have a life, and once I turn my brain "off Pilots", I feel just fine, thank you).

My point is: Usually the teams I followed did not handle adversity very well. There was griping and finger-pointing by players to the media, usually followed by a slow, but sure fall to the depths of despair and "just wait'll next season!". However, in my eight or so years following the Pilots, adversity is usually followed by a ten game winning streak!

Bottom line, this young team, missing several key veterans, has just endured an extremely difficult trip to LA. How did they respond? From what I can gather, as the roster got thinner and thinner, the Pilots played harder and harder, and with the usual large heap of heart. Am I surprised? Of course not. That's one of the main reasons I am FANatic.

What's next? Overcoming adversity, as the cliche goes, is what all champions must do. So while we await the return of all of our wounded, and the integration back into the line-up of Sophie and Stephanie, let's all EAT DUCK this week-end!


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Re: Adversity: Opportunity Or Death Knell?

Post by GUPhantom on Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:53 pm

Hang on Pilot Nation. I know many are feeling like we've had a bumpy ride. But let's face it...we're a spoiled bunch and judge our team on some very very high standards! I mean...considering the hardships....we're 7-3 and ranked #10...not too bad my friends! Not bad at all! What I love most about the Pilots in the first half of the season is they've never stopped fighting. Step back and look at how well they've done with what little they've had! If you look closely at the 10 games played overall so far...including the losses...I can't say that anyone actually beat us. The girls have always been in it...never out of it! We've let NO ONE kick us while we've been down. This team has always gone the "full 15 rounds" in every game! There's never been a "NO MAS" from this team!! GOTTA LOVE IT!!

That why I say the team has done quite well....despite being stung with adversity!! They may not know it yet...but they've compiled enough positives beneath all the adversity to re-fuel and re-energize a strong run through the tournament. I know its hard to believe it sometimes...but there's no need to panic....we're just doing the "rope- a-dope" !! Go ahead and take you're best shot now...we'll take you out in the end!! The "knockout" team I know as the Pilots will emerge in the end! I hope each of the players understand and believe they've done well!! Its up to us to encourage them that they ARE doing well!!

To get there...the plan is the the WCC crown....get in prime position for the best seed assignment possible...hopefully with a home field advantage as a bonus! That means...getting the wounded healthy...staying healthy....and beating the Broncos! I believe they can do it! Despite the adversity experienced to date...they haven't displayed any signs of giving up the fight...or the season!!


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