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Post by gnarly on Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:47 pm

I watched a number of the highlights from last season last night. Does anyone have connections that we can give them some feedback?

1) Some of the goals are not in the order scored.

2) Why not show the opponents goals?

3) I would like to see more defensive and midfield action clips.

4) Do folks like the one with music dubbed in?

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Post by Stonehouse on Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:57 pm

Good questions... I might be able to answer a few.

Primarily, those highlight videos are meant for the local TV news stations. Since they can't always send out camera crews to games, UP hires a camera guy and immediately after games sends a highlight package to the stations. This has really helped us get coverage on the late news shows. As such, most of the action you are going to get are goals and maybe a big tackle or what not... TV stations looking for a highlight clip aren't really interested in good defensive/midfield play, you know what I mean?

And since there is only one guy, he always will position himself on the end the Pilots are attacking, since goals are the big highlight that the news channels will want. But because he's on that end of the field, often opponent's goals will be missed or at most will be shot from very far away.

As for the music, I actually am not a big fan of it but I can understand why they dub it in, since otherwise it would be either silent or have random crowd noise.

So hopefully that explains a bit of it...
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