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cairns preview

Post by cjacks14 on Sun May 24, 2009 11:38 pm

not sure if you will get this before the game (time difference and everything) but here is a short preview of the cairns game tonight.

cairns have 4-5 guys who play in the cairns national league team. they are currently coming 1st in the QABL with an unbeaten 6-0 record. this team is tough. they have a bunch of older, experienced guys who have been around and played at a high level for a while now. my brother plays in this league on a pretty decent team and they got smacked by cairns. in 6 games, cairns has a 695-498 points for/against. they are beating teams pretty easily. i'm not sure about the size of the team but from what i've heard they are very physically strong. this should be a real test for the pilots as i think this team will be very well drilled and experienced.

if the pilots bigs can hold themselves inside against the bigs of cairns i think we should be ok. we will need to own the boards. this team is too solid to give up second shots. this will definitely be the toughest game of the trip for the pilots and i think it will be a grind to the end. hopefully they can pull out the win and take a 4-0 record back to the bluff.


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