New Polls

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New Polls

Post by Stonehouse on Tue 11 Sep - 12:22

Hey everyone... the NSCAA coaches' poll was just released - UP fell to #4, Santa Clara is #3:

As for the other polls... kudos to Bronco66 from the Santa Clara site for doing the grunt work:

Soccer America: SCU #1, UP #4
Soccer Buzz: SCU #4, UP #5
Soccer Times: SCU #4, UP #5

Also, Florida State has dropped pretty far in a lot of the polls (around the 12 range now). Stanford is #1 in most.


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Re: New Polls

Post by GUPhantom on Wed 12 Sep - 10:05

Thanks for consolidating the polls for us Stonehouse.

It'll probably be a couple more weeks before the Top 20 sorts out and stablizes a little bit. A lot of teams seem to be in the same boat as the Pilots. Many are needing more time to establish some footing with their rank. Lots of scrambling still to come. Its been harder to predict who's worthy this early into the season, huh?

Like the Pilots...many teams are still trying to find their own identities yet. New faces, new roles and overall player parity across collegiate socer seem to be the big factors in contributing to that. The usual perennial powers may still sign most of the blue chips recruits to their programs but... lower tiered schools are picking up their less heralded Club or HS teammates. The talent gap has certainly closed. If a ranked team doesn't bring their A game to the pitch...motivated unranked teams certainly have a better chance of knocking them off nowadays.

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